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  1. Alexander, Thanks for your reply! I was able to get everything figured out right after I read your post. I cannot get my 'Binary Images" to appear in the remote operator. I have tried changing the background colors and such. possibly the Binary images used must be saved on the PC using the remote operator? I have attached a document showing the image on the remote operator and below it what is to be displayed if functioning as desired. Thanks! Joel Binary images.docx
  2. Update: I got the pc and the PLC communicating now, i found an example on a forum and made to to what i needed which ended up like this: SB2 Power-up bit > PLC NAME > TCP/IP CARD INIT > TCP/IP SOCK INIT Socket 1. after playing around with the inputs for this logic i got the PLC talking with the PC via Ethernet with a common hub (router). What I need to accomplish now is displaying the entire HMI on the PC and having total remote control of it. Anyone have experience displaying the HMI remotely on their PC fully accessible? Also if this PLC was relocated to a different network all that would have to be changed is the assigned PLC address correct? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I am brand new to using Visilogic software and communications via LAN as a whole. I have a V350-35-T2 PLC with a V100-17-ET2 Ethernet communications hardware installed. I am trying to communicate to the PLC via PC. I have never used Visilogic ladder logic I am implementing this to an existing program, and this is not my area of expertise. Right now I have this logic (also attached): power up bit> SB ethernet: Card exists > PLC NAME > TCP/IP CARD INIT > TCP/IP SOCK INIT Socket 1 The local Ethernet connection is IP Subnet Mask and Gateway. The PC IP is With this set up can i connect the plc to the router and access it with the PC using the wireless? Do i have to assign the plc and pc different addresses, and where can i find them. Also where to i input the information in this logic, and then how to i access the plc remotely. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i lack any knowledge in this area. Thanks. Ladder logic.docx
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