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  1. Hello Andrew, Thank you for the reply. I have been contacting tech support to work on this issue and have the following update: The issue with the runtime error was caused because the controller was trying to run the loop right as the PID server finished the autotune process. The issue has been corrected by adding an inverted contact to prevent the PID run loop from running while autotune is in progress. I can now autotune the PID loop using PID server. However, I am still unable to run the autotune directly from the controller. When I attempt to do so, the CV remains at it's minimum value. I have verified that no other part of the program is attempting to write to the CV. Any other sugestions? Corrected Run PID net.pdf
  2. Update: when using the PID server tool, the auto tune process begins, and runs for a while. After 3 cycles (driving PID output to max until setpoint is reached, then minimum until the PV comes back down below the setpoint) I get a runtime error 9: subscript out of range. This has happened twice in the same fashion (i.e. its a repeatable error).
  3. Hello all, I am working with V350-35-RA22 OPLC and am using the PID FBs to control temperature. I am controlling a heater with a solid state relay and using the PWM function block. The duty cycle of the function block is set to the output of the PID. I am running the auto-tune using the PID server tool and it is able to change the output of the PID. However, when I instead attempt to use the run autotune function block, the PID output remains at its minimum value. Is there any reason this would happen?
  4. Hello all, I have run into this odd issue and I wanted to check if this is by design or if it is some sort of bug. I have V350-35-RA22 which has 5 keys on its keypad as well as a touchscreen. It has the 4 directional arrow keys but the buttons are not assigned to the corrects SB's for those keys. I have verified the assignments and have found the following: Left arrow key => SB58 (F1) Down arrow key => SB59 (F2) Up arrow key => SB60 (F3) Right arrow key => SB61 (F4) I would expect to see the following according to the visilogic documentation: Left arrow key => SB51 (Left Arrow) Down arrow key => SB56 (Down arrow) Up arrow key => SB55 (Up Arrow) Right arrow key => SB52 (Right Arrow) I could not find any info on this. Is this by design?
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