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  1. Hello again... After do something else, I have tried without success copy MAC ADDRESS to any variable and do it some maths... I share 3 different fails way to you in order to wait for any suggestion, thanks a lot.
  2. Hello everyone, now I have a beta version of my software development and I would like to protect it for illegal copies. On others platforms I usually read an ID or SERIAL that is unique on each device and I use it and some maths for make a Key in order to protect that my software was not copy illegally on other device... I already use a password word on each "password management" section but it doesnt satisfied my needs because I eventually have to show that passwords to my boss. I´ll been waiting for any suggestion, thank you very much.
  3. Hello, I made an implementation when I used some timers and it was working fine, now, after upgrading UniLogic to 1.12.20 and upgrade all PLC and I/O... timers don't work properly... Any suggestion?
  4. Hello, Firstly, UniGuru thanks a lot for your time and answer, Secondly, I would like to know what kind of devices can I connect and use to the USB ports and where could I find some code examples...
  5. Hello there, I have buy an Unitronics USP-104-B10 and it has been a good toy for now... At this moment I'm trying to use a printer (CSN-A2) that usually I used on Arduino proyects by RS-232 and TTL ports Now, I have a cable USB-TTL that I used for programing some Arduinos/4dSystem boards... I Would like to have some advice about how can I config my UNITRONICS HMI in order to use his USB ports for use that printer. I already see and study one example called "Send String and_Number Via RS232" and has been quite helpfull, but I cannot make to work HMI USB ports at all... Waiting for your help, Ivan R.
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