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  1. Do anyone know if there is any documents describing the Info Screens in V1040, I need this for support purpose in a project. Screenshots and descritions ? Regards
  2. Problem solved. My friends at plant were using info mode in plc. By accident they changed port nr from 20256 to 20000 Gunnar
  3. We are just no working on a plant i Greenland, We have av V1040 plc with ethernet card installed. Lokal connections are working fine. IT department on factory made a portforwardig to local PLC IP with port 20256, in their network system. I am able to ping wan IP from my IP in Norway (office) so far evrything is ok. But when visiologic try to connect it will not establish connection. IT personell at plant can see that we are trying to accsess. PLC NAME is correct WAN ip is correct port nr is correct. Can there be anything else in my project that cause trouble ? Part of project file is attached, couldnot uploas more than 419.66 KB :-( i have made a copy of ladder only We have short of time, my employee has return ticket from Greenland at Tuesday. :-( I have sevral other project that i can acsess from my office pc without any problem. If anyone have inputs in this case I would be happy for that. Gunnar RG_LADDER_ONLY.vlp
  4. Uppgraded to latest version of Visiologic today. When i try to pick a tank picture in my project i got this message, se attached jpg ( screenshot ) Afterwards i made a copy of Tanks lib from data folder to new position and renamed it to TamksBG it worked. Is this an bug in the new version 9.7.60 build 00 ??
  5. SMS works perfect. Customer also want to be called up. Wake up call when sleeping but still at duty. I hav tried DIAL command , but does not work. Alarm 1. send sms to persons on list ( ok) 2. Call up An alternative is to use a digital output to activate standalone caller. Gunnar
  6. I have a project with V570 and a modem kit 41J attached. I am using this configuration to send sms messages to technical staff when an alarm occurs. The customer also want to be called up, not just a text message. The call up function is most important during night, when sleeping. I have tried tu use the function DIAL but this dont work. Do anyone have a solution to this ??
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