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  1. I use Com port 2 to Modbus, Com port 1 i want to use to a modem. But as son as i change Tx/Rx to Modem the Modbus communication at Com 2 stop, when change back to Tx/Rx and repower, Modbus work again. Should this work?
  2. Don't find anything, but after repowering both PC, router and PLC at same time it worked again, had tried repowering one by one several time before.
  3. I have worked on a project for a long time now, but to day i get a yellow icon at tag when online mode, with message "Online Dispaly capacity exceeded" and value isn't shown. i tried go back to early versjon who worked for several days but it dont change. Any ide how to get value back? Mvh Frode
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