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  1. Hey and hello to all, I am new to the Unitronics world and I have a problem with Com/modem init. Configuration: V350-35-TU24-IT BGS2T modem Sample program 570_GPRS _Enfora_via_internet I have made few modification to the program (change of the PLC type and name) I have also initialized the PLC side modem with default settings, baudrate 9600, the initialization goes trough without error. But the INIT fail bit SB81 goes to 1 and INIT bit SB80 stays 0 Is there something I have missed out or what is happening? Could it be that the PLC - modem cable is broken or made wrongly, it's bought from Finnish Unitronics suplier? Also the power connection to the modem should be OK BR, Juha Finland
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