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  1. How can i make a rs 232 cabel with rj11 I want to connenct m90 with pc and opc server How can i fix it ? Thanks Regards
  2. Hi i need some help I want to use a m90 and opc server I have install it on my pc and if i make communication with the m 90 the opc server read anything. The question is do i need install parrameters in the m90? I have make a plc name in the OPC server but do i have to put alsow a name in the m90 ? I use serial communication . Thanks Regards.
  3. Thanks I try to fix it Regards
  4. Hi But the question is can i make communication witch the opc server and citect witch the model that i use ? I have only 1 port that i use to load the program into the plc. Is it possible? The model is M91-2-T38 Thanks Regards
  5. Hi I use a M91-2-T38 can i write data to excell? With data export? I have only 1 port rs 232/rs485. This port is for download the program to the plc but can i use the port to connect to pc? Data export? And how can i make the cabel? Thanks Regards
  6. Hi I use a application with citect scada. Can i use opc server for communication? What do i need to do in the ladder program? It is the first time that i use How can i read for example an MB, MI, Input or Output ? I is the first time that i want to use it In citect you have bcd, Byte, Digital ? But how can i read it? Can any one help me to start? Thanks Regards
  7. Newbie Hi I use a loadcell io-lc3 but i want work. i want to configuration to 0 and then to 25000 kg. I try i on the same way of the example but i want work I have a silo i a want to see continu the capasity in the tank the max value is 50000kg I do not need tara. Can any one help me how to program it true and to configuration. And in the configuration do i need the block acquire tara like the example? Thanks Regards
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