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  1. I need help driving 10 v differential signal to a older style DC servo control I have a vision 700 PLC with a v 200 183XB snap in module I have an external encoder which I am configuring into the high-speed inputs Does the hard ware provide a Output signal that operates differentially and how do I configure this in linear conversion ? Any help would be great Barry
  2. Hi All having trouble configuring V700 with V200-18-E3/4XB snap in to a 10 v pressure transducer have set up linear values 14 bit have input set up correctly have internal jumpers set to voltage AAA etc still cannot get change in value just need some help had trouble finding data on V200-18-E3/4XB so not sure if i am setting jumpers correctly PLCFOX.
  3. My initial thoughts were to send a 8 bit (or 4) instruction call to the V350 from the V700 and use the V350 as the driver only to the Servo as the instruction are used for dispensing product that varies turns and velocity dependent on a request from a rfid fill request. I was just looking for other possible options seems like solutions point in a similar direction. A servo drive will also handle ramp values as a preset so I could re write something to work on the V700 but more complex Thanks to All PF...
  4. We use a V350 to index a servo motor via the PTO built in feature works great. We just need a larger screen and would like to use the V700 to accomplish this found that it does not support the PTO built in the V350 the PTO features are helpful in the V350 as we can easily change things like ramp speeds etc. Just need some direction or better yet, Perhaps a forum member might have a V700 ladder net I could use to accomplish the same Thank you.
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