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  1. 2 hours ago, Ausman said:

    HI Jesus,

    So this means you have changed the dip switches inside the 1040 to make comms 485?  Find the install guide here: 


    and scoot down to page 6



    Yes i did that, and i'm also calling for the subroutine, i changed the configuration in the com init, do i have to upload the program to the plc again?

  2. Hi, today in our company we received an ultra filtration system that comes with a V1040 on it. We've never had worked with an unitronics system before and we are trying to communicate the plc via modbus rtu over rs485 to work with our network. 
    We configured the com port of the plc to work with rs485 as it was factory configured to work with rs232 but we can't reach it on our system, it's just showing of offline status. 
    In the ladders we had a special subroutine for modbus, including all the registers and status of the system, we are reaching these points but it doesn't work. I'll attach some screenshots of the COM and modbus configuration and the modbus registers that i'm trying to read and i'll appreciate any help if i'm doing something wrong. 

    Also, if i modify the program i need to upload it all or there is an option to upload only the com configuration without stop the plc? Due to the critic status of the process i only have a few minutes to stop the plc so i'll appreciate any shortcut to work faster on the system. As i said we've never worked with this plc before so we don't know the   kind of responses of the system.





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