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  1. I have this project file (which is attached), and I need to add a PID controller to it. I'm not sure exactly how to have it in the ladder logic in order to achieve this. Am I close to getting it or way off? Thanks for the help in advance Heating, pump, TC, and shutoff working.vlp
  2. I'm not very familiar with Visilogic or programming to be honest, can I do this just by the math functions and then connecting it to the linearization function? Thanks for your help
  3. I have 2 flow meters in a project they are model:FS-8800H 3.0-100.0 Liters per minuet I am using a v700 HMI with the a V200-18-E3XB snap in module I'm having trouble linearizing the data so that it shows the correct value. Any help would be much appreciated, and I can provide any additional information needed.
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