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  1. It was changing by +/- 5-10, and it's 10 bit resolution. But this are two completly different applications. Except for the plc model, transducer model and program nothing else is similar. Before the end of next week i'm gonna be doing another pumping station in a completly different place. So i'll check how it behaves and let you know. The problem is omitted, but it would be good to know what caused it.
  2. In online mode both values are changing very quickly. The "raw value" and after linearization. Tried to set the filter and it didn't change anything on any of the 3 settings. At the end i followed Flex727 advice and put a positive transition of SB3 in front of the value copying and everything is working perfectly. So i think the problem is solved. Thank you everybody form your help.
  3. Don't remember right now which one was it, will check.
  4. program version is 6.6.36 I had it at first just like in you're example above, everything in one line. When the problem occured i started experimenting. Didn't know about the hardware filtering, and i think this could be the source of the problem (no filtering set). Should be able to try it on the plc within the next few days, gonna let you know about the results as soon as i can.
  5. I wanted to slow down the updates but probably did something wrong and it didn't change anything. Still updated very quickly.
  6. Didn't know about the filter setting, gonna try as soon as i can. Tried delaying the screen update by counting the 100 ms pulses, and copying the value when the counter reaches a certain value, but it didn't change a thing. In online mode the value also jumps. I worked with many other plcs and this is the first time i encounter such a behavior. The same transducer connected to another plc, just thrown into water shows a stable readout. That's the reason why i am sure that i'm missing some probably basic thing. Don't think i can use the Variable linearisation because the max value of the sensor is input from the keypad and screen and i don't think i can do that in the Variable linearisation. Here is the whole program. 2 pompy kolko delfin analog 204 delay.U90
  7. For now i can upload screenshots. I'll post the whole program in the afternoon.
  8. Hello, I have a JZ20-R16 plc and a Aplisens 4-20 mA level transducer. I do linearization in ladder to get the correct level value in meters. Depending on the level the plc starts and stops a pump, and it all works greate. Start and stop levels are input by the user from keypad, also the max value of the transducer. Everything works ok, the problem is with displaying current level on lcd. Right after linearization i copy the value to MI3 that is set to be shown on the "main" screen. It is displayed but the readout is jumping around/changing very quickly (level is constant), numbers get blurry and they are unreadable. Tried this on 2 plcs and 2 transducers with the same result. I've seen this working but can't find any reason for this behavior. Maybe it's reading the value to often? Please help me. Any advice will be appreciated.
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