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  1. I 'm also think this can be better/easier, so when somebody has a better sollution just post it please. The machine is working now so i'm happy.....
  2. Problem solved. When you store 1 in the freq. and set the run bit ,the counter comes 0.
  3. No it is not possible to store/direct into DW0. When i do power up at 0 it is the only way to get DW0 to 0
  4. Hello, I'm using the Samba to control a simple servo. It works with the step control hso. Everething works ok , only it is not possible to make a homing cycle. How can i reset DW0 in the file included ? I can't do anything with this operand. There must be a solution because when there is no homing you can't use the stepper function to positioning ?? test stappenmotor.vlp
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