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  1. Flex, My project is dedicated to be used again for adding features in the future, it will be a standard project I would say. That is why I cleaned everything and made the variables visually available. I would have used the tool "Operands Not Referenced in Project" but I did not know about it. So I will verify my job with this, great ! Al.
  2. Thank you very much Flex, - For deleting variables in the subroutines and displays, I did it manually and made sure that the variables are removed (MB initialized ; MI, ML, T set to 0 ; etc.). it was long and tedious but now it is fine. - And yes, for deleting subroutines and displays I did it like you said: deleting calls for the specific subroutine and display I wanted to delete. Thank you both for your help ! Al.
  3. Hello, Thank you Flex and Cam. So I need to delete every call relating to subroutines and displays. I have another question if you would answer : is it possible to delete a variable everywhere in program in "one click" ? Because for the moment I search for the occurence of the variable in question and I delete every call to make sure that the variable is removed, initialized and then available. Thank you ! Al.
  4. Hello, I am working on Visilogic 9.8.65 for the programmation of a V570. I would like to know how to delete a subroutine or a display from a project. When I try it, a message appears and says: "The Subroutine/Display: XXX is referenced in the project. You cannot delete it." Thanks for your attention. Al.
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