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  1. Thank you very much everyone! I was calling the configuration block continually. I set it up off of the power up bit and it works just fine now... after I figured out how to use a positive transition contact. I had the human Flash's musical drum for a minute calling a next step operation continuously.
  2. I am using a Samba 4.3 to control a portland cement grout batch plant. My original program just used analog input information and contact/coil logic to perform the batching operation. I am new to the ladder logic realm and I researched the Drum Sequencer as a better method to perform my operation. I have the drum configuration and scan in a sub routine for one of the batches that I produce and the subroutine kicks on when the operator selects the automatic batch on the HMI. When my analog input values change the drum index MI changes correctly, but the outputs for different valves/material handlers never come on. If the drum scan is powered by the rail, shouldn't the outputs change as the step index progresses?
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