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  1. V350, Port 2 Ethernet; I wa using RS232; I wanted to use port 1 for the modbus RTU, now I cant enter via RS232, Using COM1 as a Modbus Master and for Programming is asking for trouble Communications Clashing - In and Out...... Yes, It is just the problem that I have. I dont have problem to lose the PLC program Can I load a new program from the SD?
  2. Hello, I have a similar problem, I have a PLC V350-J-TR20, the Visilogic version is 9.8.79 Build 0 Beta, I have the RS232 physical connection with the MJ10-22-CS25 cable, the PLC already has a program loaded, the last program has a modbus configuration that is possibly causing me the error, what do you recommend doing? Thank you
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