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  1. On 6/22/2011 at 11:17 PM, Remco said:


    Why not use ethernet?

    I give support to Unitronics OPLC's and Cognex Vision Systems at Isotron in the Netherlands, and made already communication with it together.

    I always used the ethernet, and not the serial.

    But you can go with Modbus, or native mode, depending on the task you will do.

    Attached 2 examples, one for Modbus and one for native mode.

    If you need more, let me know.

    Remco Labordus

    Cognex Insight with Vision OPLC Modbus TCP.zip 107.86 kB · 74 downloads

    cognex unitronics.vlp 196.5 kB · 95 downloads


    How do you setup the Cognex camera for native mode?

    How do you know at which port to communicate with it?



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