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  1. Today we will tray with following example (appendix) and again we no have the result. Also we tray to change the NOD ... Gagi CANopen_V350_B1_Test_1.vlp
  2. Hello KRATMEL, in appendix you have our example . We made NMT conection and it is OK. We go in PreOperational mode but when we sent SDO and PDO we not go to Operatinal mode and on drive no any action. Also we tray to set transfer speed to 250kB, 500kB, 1MB... On Drive we not have any error. Later I tray to change the NOD from 2 to 3 or 4 just like you suggested . V350-CANopen_Test.vlp
  3. Hello, I have problem between UNITRONIC V350 and Yaskawa sigma 5 servosystem (Drive SGDV-1R6AE1A and CANopen modul type SGDV-OCB01A). Is there any example program and settings necessary to make the connection and control between these components. Thanks
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