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  1. Good question. Thanks, Flex! I'll revisit and report back. Like I said, it's currently working with the old V130. It's only when I swap it out that the comm is lost. I'll go look into that now. Thanks!
  2. Hey folks, Totally new here, and certainly not well versed in these units. I'm currently running a Vision V130->Ex-A2X Explansion Module->an IO-D116. Problem is my current V130 is giving issues with the directional buttons on the HMI. It's in a washdown environment and likely some corrosion over the years. It's still semi functional, just troublesome for the machine operators. So, ordered up a new V130 unit to swap out. Had the program loaded on, and began the swapout (same model for same model). Expected it should have been easy enough. Problem is that when I install the new module I'm not getting any signal at the Expansion Module. Swap the units out, and no problem. Put the new one back in, same problem. Am I missing a setting to prompt the output to the EXP PORT on the V130? The current unit could die at any time now and we'd be into a shut down at the plant. Any suggestions would be welcome! Thanks! Dave
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