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  1. it did work, as advertised above. Thanks Simon, AlexUT, and Gabriel. I appreciate the help grealy. Hugo
  2. Thanks, for your reply, Yes, I tried that too, but it does not work either. Modbus starts counting on 1 not 0, so generally you have to add 1, By reading deeply in the Unitronics help found that I have to add xx/FLOAT to the address, so I was able to bring at least a number that changes by using 7741/FLOAT. The 41 is because a read a post in the forum where somebady was able to read ML registers in Modbus by using (MLx2+1)+45100 (5100 is for MLs), thus applied same formula for MF plus the \FLOAT. However I am reading in VTS a very low ridiculous number that changes, when I change it in the MF Unitronics register. I have the feeling that what am reading is the two 16 registers that makes the float in reverse order, and have to find a way to swap them. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all. I am trying to configure VTS Trihedral Scada system with a V120 PLC configured as slave, for monitoring a lift station using Modbus protocol. I can read/write from VTS to registers MBs and MIs, however am having a hard time with the floats (MFs registers). According with Unitronics Modbus Slave Table, the Modbus register for MF 0 starts at 7700. I am trying to read MF 20 and I've tried in VTS 47721, 37721, 407721, and 307721 with no results; the VTS Modbus driver does not seem to understand this addressing and simply draws a blank. What am I missing? I've googled and tried researching this issue but have not found much on Unitronics Modbus floats. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hugo
  4. Am trying to connect a Vision 120 to a Trihedral VTS Scada usng Modbus RTU serial but am having difficulties with the DB9-RJ11 pin out. I understand it should be RX 2 -> 3 TX TX 3 -> 2 RX DTR 4 -> 6 DSR GND 5 -> 5 GND GND 5 -> 1 shield DSR 6 -> 4 DTR Jumpers PC side: RTS 7 -> 8 CTS PLC side: RTS 7 -> 8 CTS PLC side: cable shield to 1 Shield If this is right, what do I do with 7 and 8 PLC side if the RJ11 only has 6 pins?? Don't suppose Unitronics would have a Modbus DB9-RJ11 cable, would it?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hugo
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