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  1. Ok. Update the firmware and have things working properly. Also had to add more programming to have the table fill in at start up. That way I did not have to enter the table information after every download. My misunderstanding that the table would be kept once entered once.
  2. Unfortunately I have filled in the Alarms Detail table. I've been in contact with support and sent them the file. I've been using Unitronics since 2001 and remember doing the alarms in the M90 and the VisiLogic system as well. In the past I was always able to use a "Working" example as a starting point. My problem is I can not get the example to work.
  3. I've downloaded the example program "Alarms_Example_1_4_14.ulpr 1.9MB" The Alarm name and the Details do not fill in... they are blank. Also I am unable to acknowledge or reset any of the alarms. These Alarm and History pages are holding up completion of the project. I need a working example of alarm and history page. From there I should be able to save to my library and import into my own application. I talked the end user into using the Unitronics product and now they are talking about removing and replacing with an Allen Bradley. I am just shocked that a HMI
  4. Thank you for your reply. The key fob reader is currently connect to a PC running "winwedge" and they are using Allen Bradley RSVIEW32 with a micrologix PLC for control. The PC is old and running older versions of windows and Allen Bradley software which the customer does not have the software for or the license. I'm comparing the cost of upgrading their system (New PC, new AB software, converting from old software to new) and replacing with the Unitronics PLC. Winwedge is a RS232 connection but I need to research what is being communicated. I expect ascii characters. Has th
  5. I have a project that I would like to use either the UniStream 10.4" HMI or the Vision V1210 12.1" HMI. I am wonder which software would be the easiest to use to achieve my goal. Description of process: Trucks arrive and operators use a key fob to swipe and activate the system. Once activated they dump a liquid which is passed through a flow meter. Once completed they press a button to indicate dump completed and a receipt is printed for their records of total volume dumped. They are billed monthly based on total volume dumped for the month. Requirements: Need to use a d
  6. The Good news First. There is no problem with the software or the hardware. The Bad news (for Me)... I ordered he right expansion kit. The wrong expansion kit was shipped. The Fabrication team at The Panel Shop did not catch the fact that the Expansion kit was missing the P in the part number. Thus, we had a UAG-XK300 installed not a UAG-XKP300. It was also wired properly for the UAG-XKP300. Since I had 10 IO cards, 2 more that the UAG-XK300 would support, the system would not work..... as expected. My Supplier is sending me the UAG-XKP300 via air at no cost. Great ser
  7. So.... The Promised update.... No luck. I tried to update the IO and this did not fix the problem. Still can not see my IO. Waiting for the Tech. support to arrive at work so I can ask him "What next"?
  8. I've been talking to Tech support and they have indicated that the remote IO needs to be updated. Since all of the IO is connect via the XKP-300 I will need to disconnect them by removing the wired terminals, connect them to the back of the USP-104-B10 and then using the uni app to update the IO. Will be trying this on Wednesday morning and post the results.
  9. Perfect! Thank you. The mouse over is a great feature and I will look for it on my blocks as I use them for the first time.
  10. I have an XKP-300 with the following IO connected. UID1600 qty=3 UID-1600R qty=2 UIA-0402N qty=5 The hardware versions of the cards are different and the boot versions are different. Two of the UID-1600 are HW version 0, Bot version 1.1 but the third one has a boot version of 0.10 Four of the UIA-0402N cards have a HW version of 1 and a boot of version 1.1 the fifth card has a HW version of 0 and a boot version of 1.0 The XKP-300 has the solid green link led on. The first UID-1600 has a flashing red and green status light indicating a configuration problem. which I ca
  11. I am trying to use the linearize block in the ladder program. When I search the help file I can not find the information for this block. There are six registers (tags) required. A, B, C, D, E, F F is the result or the scaled value. Is A input value? B and C the Raw values for min and max? Is D and E the engineering units? I know my raw value is from 2007 to 34835. The Scaled value is from 0 to 138.0 Feet. So Does A = The value from Pressure transmitter (Not connected to an Analog input. Getting through communications connection) B = 2007 C = 34835 D = 0 E
  12. The Radio is an old one that used to have a working RS485 port but it was damaged a few years ago. The Radio is obsolete and the community is reluctant to change out the existing radio without changing them all which results in a large cost. i.e. This is a patch until they can free up some funding. I have several converters and gateways in my office but had hoped to use the comport card. I will use one of those until someone with more experience and smarts than me creates a user block (and shares) for Modbus communication for the expansion com port. thank you for the quick rep
  13. I purchased a UAC-02RS2 so I could connect a radio and need to configure the com port for Modbus slave. Is there an example? Radio does not use RS285 or Ethernet and I would prefer not having to purchase a converter to convert to RS485 thus the additional com ports.
  14. Worked perfectly. Thank you. Not sure how i managed to miss that. Thanks
  15. Trying to get information from MF13 into a SCADA system. having trouble with the addressing. It appears that the addressing is in Hex starting at 4000h. So I've tried converting 4000h to decimal (163840 then added 400001 and then add 13 for a result of 56398. I am able to establish communications to the Floating point registers. I know that the communications works because i am moitoring regester MI0 to MI30 already. Any suggestions?
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