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  1. I do not see the post I tried to enter earlier. This is a second attempt so ignore it if it is repeated. I am trying to find a way to simulate an automotive battery charge discharge cycle. PLC outputs are rated 0 to 10 volts. Can I simply stack it on a 5 volt power supply like two batteries to offset it 5 volts? If not how do you recommend simulating 10 to 15 volt range.
  2. I have a project that I need to simulate battery decay. PLC outputs generally operate in the 0 to 10 volt range. I need to operate in the 10 to 14 volt range. Anyone have a simple solution?
  3. Is it possible to use the two thermocouple inputs set to ohms with a load cell? I recently discovered they want to hook up two 5000 lb load cells with 350 ohm bridge and 2mv/Volt at rated capacity. Do I have to order a load cell card or can the two thermocouple inputs somehow be used? I have a V350-350-RA22 PLC. My other analog inputs are already used.
  4. Is there currently or are there any plans to make a Vision PLC simulator that can be run on a PC. I have been making some program changes for PLC's at remote locations and would like to be able to run the Program before I deploy it but I do not have the hardware to run it here.
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