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  1. I am currently having trouble running PID Server to tune some water tank heaters. I've used this program many times before and it has worked perfectly. However, recently I have been getting the error "Run-Time Error 9, Subscript Out of Range" right at the very end of the tuning process. I am using a V570 with a AO6X analog module. The software version is, 9.3.0. Occasionally I'll get a good tune, but more times than not I'll get errors........Any ideas???? Thanks in advance for your help..........Jeff
  2. I recently had the blue screen of death appear during a full download of my project to a V570 PLC. After hours of uninstalling and re-installing the Visilogic software, I am able to open the 9.0.1. version on my laptop again. However, the file I was downloading will not open, stating that it is corrupt. I never finished the "Download and Burn Upload" procedure, so I cannot upload what is in the V570. This leaves me in a position of having to write this program all over again, unless there is a way to recover the corrupt file....Is this possible??? Thanks for your help.......J. Vittone
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