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  1. Hello. Can someone test igss.com scada with uniopc. becouse i cant get it to work. i use opc adress MA1.MI11 and this is not working. but i allso have moxa-opc for a modbusip and this is working without any problems. so seems like it is uniopc thats not working. I would be very happy if someone can test this and tell me if its me that have done something wrong or if it is uniopc thats not working. seems like i cant get it to find gruops with igss and uniopc.
  2. hello im testing igss scada with unitronics opc server connected to v570 The problem is that i cant get the igss to comunicate with the opcserver. If i use other scada like winlog lite i can access the the data from the v570 by usig tag MA1.MI50 but with the igss i just get that i connected to the opcserver but it does not add any communication with the v570. with winlog i can se in the unitronics opcserver log that it add MA1.MI50 but this not happend with igss is there anyone that can help me and test this and give me some tips or help/howto i see that someone has made a video from how to do this with intouch. maybe someone here can do the same with iggs. i would be great.
  3. hello after some testing i got the remote to work. but my problem is that sometimes i sb150 seems to get lost. and then i have to activate mb7 to get it to work again. is there any solutions to work around this so sb150 not get lost?
  4. i tested evry coomand with vo|ruis adresses. and its does not seems to work with the other units than unitronics own. i have tested with modbus master simulator and evry normal function for modbus is working with the remote io. but nothing i put in the fuctions fb in v570 works. i think this is realy strange
  5. hello ofir. i done the test test jo told me in the mail. still i just got the "mi5" to just report 4 first then 5.
  6. hello emil ' i sendt a mail with project to support@unitronics.com
  7. do you have a mail adress to send you my project vlp file to?
  8. Hello Ofir I have now testet a modbus master simulator software and the remote io is responding and working. But when i try to test a modbus slave simulator, i get no communication from the v570. I have tested different setup but seems like this v570 modbus master.vlp is not workig as it should. i do not understand what it is that are wrong in my setup.
  9. i have connection between the 2 units now. if i go to the webcontroll of the remote io it tels me that v570 is connected by modbus-tcp. only problem now is to get the relay to act. as i dont understand how to set adresses. i have tryed read coils and force coils. with start of vector to#1 and Vector Length to#1
  10. hello ofir done the setup as you told me. but cant seems to get this 2units to communicate.
  11. im not sure what i do wrong. but i have done allmost same setup as you. but i allways get status message 5 that give me No Communication The MODBUS session cannot be established. but no ports is set. and when i download project i allways get the warning about sb168
  12. here is default adress register for modbus for this device. attached
  13. Helo emil thanks for the replay. i tryed to read the help files. but i cant figure this out. i attached refrance adress for modbus. Here are the info for the lan,port and protocal. it support modbus /tcp. if you can give me an example how to get one output to work i think i can see how this work and would be very greatfull for the tips. can you give me a tips on full setup for activte lan card, socket etc?? by the way thanks for good support. ioLogik E1200 Default IP Address Default Netmask LAN Ethernet 2 x 10/100 Mbps switch ports, RJ45 Protection 1.5 KV magnetic isolation Protocols Modbus/TCP, OPC Server, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, Bootp, HTTP ioLogik E1200 Network Port Usage Port Type Usage 80 TCP Web console service 502 TCP Modbus/TCP communication 68 UDP BOOTP/DHCP
  14. Hello all im trying to get a remote modbus tcp io with relay output to work with v570. what i cant understand so far is how to communicate with this device. how do i set relay channel. do i use force coil in the modbus ip fB and how do i connect this with the channel in the remote io. how do i configure the v570 to talk to this device. i have tryed 2days now and not got anything to work. any help or example is very welcome the io i use is moxa-iologik e1214. if this unit not able to speek with unitronics plc. please tell.
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