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  1. Hello Aus, thanks for the info. As you say you haven't tried the downloader.  The Unitronics UniDownloader seems to only support 16 comm ports and it does not tell you which ones you have connected just 1 -16.   I was trying to provide a easy script for updating firmware in a similar way to most other devices.  I take your point of always plugging into the same port but this also assumes you use the same hardware with the same ID number which doesn't always occur as we have many sites and differing hardware. With the FTDI I can read the device string and I can read its  port number so I just bring a window up telling the operator what to select for downloading.



  2. Hello All

    Is it possible to send the com port in the command line string to the unidownloader does anyone know?

    So for example UniDownloader.exe   mydowloadfile  com1  *run'

    Sometimes its not always the com port that programmed in the file when we make it.

    I tried the above and it did't work..... 


    Many thanks for reading....




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