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  1. Good Morning All

    Thank you for the response.

    At the moment I would just like to monitor the running time of the machine  so that the maintenance team can replace any components that are due.

    If possible flag up a warning message on the screen to notify them.

    I would like to add other things to this system in the future but ill just take one step at a time wile I familiarize myself with it.

    I can use any input on the system as all are available at the moment.

    The plunger is just attached to a pump unit so there is no controller for this other than when the pump is commanded to run from the machine controller.

    Many thanks

  2. Hello everyone

    I would like some help/advice on how to program my ladder logic for a project I am about to start.

    I purchased a Samba7" yesterday as this looked like the ideal model to start off with.

    I have created a maintenance screen for various items on our machine tool, I would like the system to notified me when it reaches certain hours, some items on the machine only require maintenance at 2000 hours.

    I need to take an input from the machine when the pump starts to run this would be via a 24V output from the machine. I then need this to start the timers running.

    any advice on how to program this logic would be greatly received.


    Many thanks in advance




    Screenshot (8).png

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