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  1. Remote Operator

    A completely renewed Remote Operator with a long list of improvements:
    -          Saving, hiding & sharing PLC passwords in *.ur2 files
    -          No need to run as administrator.
    -          Better looking, interface colour choice.
    -          Current model PLC’s.
    -          Simplified handling, more options in PLC menu (list sorting, PLC inserting . . .)
    -          Select with one click, rename PLC without opening the settings, doubleclick to open.
    -          Key press is “mouse down” and key press hold possible on V350, V430 & V1040.
    -          Set PLC Real time clock with one mouse click
    -          No logo of any kind, so you can use this Remote Operator as your “own made” application, by changing the “\PLC\” destination folder to your own name at install.
    -          Possibility to disable Key info, when mouse is over key button.
    -          Hidden password while typing
    -          Listener PLC with password possible
    The password can be saved in the .ur2 file.

    Which looks like this example:
    The passcode line is encrypted, and contains info about its creator (User and PC) and which options are selected.
    Any entry (with password) you create yourself, in a specific ur2 file, will have a “Native” indication for you, entries made by others will have a “Foreign” indication.
    Let’s say, you are the administrator of a list of PLC's. If you select “Share password in ur2 file”, anyone with access to the file can use these entries to connect to the PLC's, without the possibility to edit the info or see the password.
    You also have to possibility to make the password visible to anyone who has access to this file, by selecting “Visible”. This option can be handy, for example , if you want to transfer a ur2 file from one PC to another, or if the file is located in a secured environment and you just want to be able to check the password at any other PC.
    Pay attention:
    If you select “Enable Key Press hold” in the “Startup Settings”, make sure the you have programmed, an “Extended pulse” of 0.20 to 0.30 Sec. on all the accessible keys (SB’s)  !

    Best regards



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