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  1. good fellow, I present below a video (in Spanish) of the application made ​​in cúcuta / Colombia. a counter tile production system where, thanks to a network of sensors installed you can post all production was implemented. part of this is calculated among other things:
    machine cycles
    lost time
    square meter
    format produced
    break caused
    ton consumed in production
    lifespan of punches, dies
    Spaces within the furnace
    mimico of production
    in the end
    visualize all this is possible through
    web server
    and scada done by my using dde excel and vba




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  2. good morning fellow:

    pardon my English because I am Colombian and I'm using the google translator ..

    the reason for my query is that I am implementing a production accountant on a ceramic floor, I'm using the module OPLC V280 v200 18e2b, now I want to enlarge the possibilities of this equipment by installing the modules communications and internet gsm / sms,

    for I have understood that the internet has module is used is the v200-19-rs4-x ^ 3

    but for communication for gsm module not to use or purchase equipment that I work with this OPLC,, it is clear that I need to work in this region of Colombia where manipulating 3GSM sim card ...

    no more waiting for me thankfully dismissal prompt and satisfactory response

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