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  1. OK Fixed my problem with the DNS Resolver by replacing the #"microsoft.com" with a string tagname. I now can resolve the host name to an ip address using both my local dns server and google. Cannot yet get emails to work though. arrggh. Allan
  2. OK So the plot thickens. I put a DNS Resolver ladder function in front of the Send Email function and no matter what hostname I put in, I tried remote.icsxxxxx.com and microsoft.com, I get a response of 9 no reply from server. For DNS Settings I have: (from my pc) I assume the no reply from server is from the DNS server, so if I can communicate to the panel via ftp, etc... why can I not talk to a DNS server. Allan
  3. Ok so the panel is hooked up on my in-house network I assigned a static address of I can ping the panel. I configured the Panel as a FTP server and I can use command line FTP and FileZilla to access the files. I configured the Panel as a VNC Server and loaded Real VNC Viewer on my pc and I can view the panel.... However ... When I try to configure email I get a -1 status back. I tried 2 accounts, one using my inhouse exchange server and 1 using gmail and I cannot send any email using either accounts to my local email address. Are there any log files or any debugging information available beyond the -1 ? For my inhouse Exchange Server I tried using both the FQDN and the ip address of my exchange server. I also tried adding to the DNS settings. Help
  4. Trying to use a wildcard in SD Delete function (Timer1.udtf.*) . I can correctly delete the specific files(Timer1.udtf.sig) , but once I add on an * for a wild card, I get an illegal filename. How can I use a wildcard in the filename ? Thanx Allan
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