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  1. Yes, It could be caused by the I/O or attached modules or from the environment that all of the equipment is installed in.


    Is it possible to disconnect the V1210 and all of the I/O and set it up in an office environment without any of the I/O points connected? If the issue continues to occur it could be the hardware, if the issue is resolved it may be the environment or a combination or the I/O with certain points being on/off.

    No it isn't possible to disconnect all unit's, It most work all the time because this system produces water for the people. To do this i would have to replace all units.

  2. "Do you notice that this occurs during any specific times (when an output or drive turns on or off)?" 
    I don't know because i'm told about it a few hours after when it happened. This unit is instaled in water treatment station, So when water reaches low level limit then others device like pumps was stopped and personel knew about problem with PLC, but like i said problem started a few hours before. During this few hours Plc notice alarms (like low limit level of water) but don't execute rest of program like start subpomps to produce water. 

    When you checked the voltage and current was this when the unit was displaying the black screen? When displaying the black screen is the I/O units still receiving power?"
    No, i checked it when PLC run properly, i must wait when it will be happen. I was changed SI9 to 20 in "screen saver" maybe
     error code will be  displayed on the screen . 

    "The voltage is slightly high since the V1210 runs on either 12 or 24VDC. "
    Technical Specifications of V1210 is writed that permissible range of voltage is 10.2-28.8VDC. By the way this type of  power source is often used in similar systems and i don't have any problems. I measured Voltage on power source and on Vision, current only on output of power source. 

    "Also, does this occur with any other similar system or is this isolated to this individual unit?"

    One time i have problem with similar system but i finded a problem. It was broken earth screen of level probe that was causing a short circuit between grounded earth and 0VDC.

    After replacing level probe the problem disappeared. In this system i checked it. There was the same problem with radio modem Satel (there was factory-made ground to 0VDC of modem). I isolated the power of modem from Vision and i changed communication, between Vision and modem, from RS 232 to RS 485.

  3. I checked the voltage - 27 V and current -  0,8A, The power source has an current output 6A, so this is ok. i have tried subrutine "_RUN_TO_STOP" but it doesn't work ( it is like PLC was work so subrutine don't reset PLC). I changed  value SI9 to 20  in "screen saver". Maybe there is error code  when PLC not work properly, but i cant't see it because screen is black (SI 0 set by subrutine screen saver). 

  4. This is large system, Vision have snap V200-18-E46B and more I/O like EX-D16A3-R08, 4 x IO-D16A3-R08, 2 x IO-ATC/AI8 and IO-AO6. I'll try check power supply  current and voltage today., but it will be with working unit.  Vision from two days (after restart) work properly. Today I am going to a place when PLC is working, can I check anything more maybe some SI or other's system registry? 
    If there is problem (like pure voltage or anything else) why Vision don't report any error. It could be helpful with diagnosis problem.


  5. Hello 
    I have problem with Vision V1210. Every few days (1 or 2 week) PLC goes to stop mode, screen is black (i don't have any error code) and i can't do anything with it. Only restart by power off helps. After restart,  PLC remember alarms which was occurred In the time when PLC does not responding ( it's like program in PLC was work but it not work properly).  I have a new version of Visilogic and new OS is installed on PLC. I replaced PLC to the new unit. But this is still happening.  How i can diagnosis what is wrong. How can I read what errors occurred.

    Thanks for help

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