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  1. Hello Tallo, a bit late, but the modbus communication in the example was done with an older Cognex Insight camera, using Modbus TCP as a slave. standard is port 502 used for it in the camera and the PLC. which Cognex camera are you going to use, and what data do you want to transfer? if it is an UniStream I would recommend using the Ethernet/IP option, I also used that one, next to the Native mode. Remco.
  2. Hello, Why not use ethernet? I give support to Unitronics OPLC's and Cognex Vision Systems at Isotron in the Netherlands, and made already communication with it together. I always used the ethernet, and not the serial. But you can go with Modbus, or native mode, depending on the task you will do. Attached 2 examples, one for Modbus and one for native mode. If you need more, let me know. Remco Labordus Cognex Insight with Vision OPLC Modbus TCP.zip cognex unitronics.vlp
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