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  1. Hey Guys , Has anyone ever experience working with Unitronics and AS-i ? If so what was the way forward ? Thanks
  2. Good Afternoon, I'm trying to print from Visilogic 9.7.44 , what i need to print is ladder or directly to printer or to PDF creator .. It is continuing to stop and giving me NOT RESPONDING. Anyone can give me a helping hand ? BR Luke
  3. Hi there guys, Can anyone give me some tips on the following argument ? I would like to communicated from a Cognex Camera to a V570 using RS232 on the Camera side and RJ11 on V570 side . After i get communication sorted out i would like to transfer strings and save them on the PLC Any have ever did this?? Any help whatsoever ?
  4. Morning emil , this is luke So what type of handshaking do you suggest apart of NS600? Regards Luke
  5. Is it possible to integrate Sigma5 Amps with Unitronics V1040 using EtherCat communication ??? As i'm going to order to start testing with ethercat communication but i think i will have to make a change over to Canbus??
  6. Good Morning, Can you please tell me again what was that software that you can download the os directly to the PLC ? As i have the same problem here , Black Screen following a beep I know that i have to reboot the plc and reinstall O/S , so if it possibile to remind me the name of the software i will be gratfull Thanks alot & Have a nice day
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