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  1. Hi, In a previews version of UniLogic I was able to export a function NOT being a UDFB and pick it up in an other project which worked well. Now I am using v 1.7.62 and trying to export a function gets stuck in a pop-up menu telling me that UniLogic is preparing memory location.(there is more than enough space ). Canceling is no option because UniLogic does not react to that. the only way out is to terminate UniLogic. I have now upgraded to v 1.8.51 and it does exactly the same thing. Is this a problem in my computer? can someone test this on his/her computer? Thanks, Derk
  2. Thanks for your advise and help Alexander.
  3. Thanks Uniguru for your reply. I found it and it works. But is there also a tag telling which screen launched the momentary screen?
  4. hi, I would like to detect ( in the ladder) which screen is on at the moment and which screen launched it. I have build rungs for each screen but with many screens is is tedius. In help I cannot find anything and I can't find a system tag on it. In other companies hmi I used to find system tags keping track of it. To me It can be very helpful knowing where the "operator" is in deciding the flow through the program (ladder).
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