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  1. I have problem with PTO function in EXF-RC15. I imported PTO subrutine from example "V350_PTO example plus Jogging". I changed in PTO configuration Vision model to "EX-RC15". But after PLC download/reset Status: PRO = 6; PTO Set Profile block Status: PTO Set = 4 (PTO Configuration block does not exist) Do "reinit" PTO Configuration Status: PTO changed = 7, but PTO Set Profile function status not changed = 4 Visilogic version: V9.8.64 Hardware: EXF-RC15 I have done project PTO with V130 works everything ok
  2. We are making part testing equipment's and need to log test data to *.csv file and send in windows server shared folder. It is possible do with unistream ? I saw is ftp client but it not perfect for us.
  3. I am using festo modbus TCP/IP with cmmo-st-c5-1-lkp. Works fine, but is one problem. If restarts only PLC, but festo stay alive, connection lost and socket status stay 21 (PLC V700), need to restart festo controller or Ethernet switch.
  4. I think "Use" check box is wrong checked at operands list in Visilogic. If operand has Description "Use" check box is automatically marked, but operand is not referenced in project. I know that i can see unused operands in project by "Operands Not Referenced in Project", but if will show true state of operand in operands list, it will be more faster.
  5. Ask help from EPLAN, they can help you put your products to EPLAN and we will be happy.
  6. Hello It is very nice that the PLC 3D models, CAD engineers, their life easier. But automation engineers use mainly EPLAN program to draw electrical diagrams. But Unitronics hasnt its components in macro models for EPLAN program. Nearly all manufacturers provide their normal patterns EPLAN components. Do electrical engineers life easier. When Unitronics make EPLAN models?
  7. Hi , i have system with 3DI and 3TO expansion modules, i need install new AO6X analog output module, can i connect after 3DI/3TO or must be before DI/TO modules. Is there any recommendation how should be connected expansion modules?
  8. Hi, I'm working with visilogic programming package, many features do with vector, the vector blocks in a network very little capacity, have to develop intermediate variables that move to another network, the monitor employs a high resolution, visilogic takes only half FullHD screen resolution. Do not planned to increase the size of the network in future?
  9. I have JZ20 PLC and gprs modem GT863-PY, in PLC started MODBUS slave, configured gprs modem, but cant recive modbus adress over GPRS. Directly PC -> PLC modbus works fine. May be some one know how to configure modem ?
  10. I have V350 with RC1, RC1 module have 4xDI16, 3xDO8 and 1XDO16. I see in V350 PLC 4XDI16 inputs, and 2xDO8 only outputs, but cant see 1xDO8 and DO16, plc sends 16 bit registry to RC1 with DO states, i need 40 bit.
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