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  1. Oh dang! Asked seller specifically that does this module has modbus (as ADAM-4024 has), and he confirmed that it has modbus. Looks like I have to start learning FB protocol then. Would be great though, if someone has example or anything like that. EDIT: I think I have figured this one out on my own, finally. Steven
  2. Hello! I have a next project where I have to use module EX9024D. For this project I use Unitronics Samba (SM43-J-T20) with v100-17-rs4 module (because this combo is what I have right now). Operation manual for EX9024D: https://www.expertdaq.com/media/downloads/ex-9021_ex-9022_ex-9024.pdf Basically I have to send #023-02.500 command to module (page 20). This command will generate -2.5V to output 3 (total 4 outputs, 0-3). This task is little over my head, especially when it comes to using ModBUS, so I will need help. How do I transmit this kind of command over ModBUS (I believe I also have to transmit character #, not sure tho)? Could anybody please explain and guide me through this? I have also tried to watch provided example files, but this is still too confusing to me. Best regards, Steven
  3. Thanks for you help Joe and others! We decided to buy serial card for samba and order new driver kit (with motor and serial connection).
  4. Could I get away if I just use another Drive unit (which has serial port) and use it with Samba? If I understand it correctly, then I would still need some additional module for samba, right? If so, could you name it, do I need rs232, rs485, canbus or eth module? Steven
  5. Yeah, sorry, thought that I forgotsomething. Exact part number for my drive would be DSK12-C8-000-AA. So no extra user modules attachted to driver.
  6. I indeed forgot to describe. Yes, both forward and reverse motion is required for motor. Basically motor is connected to slider, at power up, slider moves to home position (determined by limit switch) and then goes to end limit switch (this way PLC could calculate total length of slider track and/or if it has been changed). Then part is pushed in front of slider and slider steadily starts to move towards home switch, when home switch registers touch, this meant that slider is touching the end of the part and home is touching the start of the part. This way PLC could calculate part length and starts work operation. Most important is to get encoder values right, because PLC is going to calculate part length according to encoder value. So speed control is not that important. Could I possibly order some extension modules for t20 to add analog outputs for +/- 10V? They do not exchange PLCs here, so only cheap way is to buy some kind of extension modules. My thought was that I will use IO-AI4-AO2 extension module and for encoder I will use fast optocoupler (50-100kHz) to ramp 5v to 24v. To add Eth port to Samba I would use V10017ET2 module and then EXA2X to create module port for IO-AI4-AO2. Is this legit way to do this or is there anything I could do to make things easier? This way I am approximately saving ~150 bucks, compared to buy samba t22 (and maybe still have to buy additional modules)? Motor drive full code: Bautz DSK 12 Samba full code: SM43-J-T20 Steven
  7. Hello! Thank you for your reply. I will look into those methods you supplied. Meanwhile, could you or anybody possibly give advice, what AC motor driver would be good (and maybe common in europe) with what I would not need any additional devices to control it with Samba. Thing with samba is that we already have this on ordered and at my hand (SM43-J-T20). Steven
  8. Hi! I figured I may have run into trouble here and thought to ask for your opinion. I got my hands on Bautz DSK-12 AC motor driver and Unitronics Samba (4.3 inch, transistor type) PLC and acquaintance of mine asked me to do some programming. Firstly, I discovered that encoder (what I have to use) is running on 5v (actually to get encoder values from driver I have to feed it 5v and not any higher). Thought that I could buy fast (50kHz) optocoupler to ramp up 5v to 24v and feed it into PLC. Secondly, I discovered that this type of motor driver takes +/-10v to change motor direction and velocity. (ex. there is 2 pins, first pin has to have ZERO aka reference voltage and other pin has to have zero to +10v OR zero to -10v, accordingly which direction user wants to motor go). I do not have any thought how to fix this one. Do I have to order some kind of additional position controller or is there something else what can I do? Bautz DSK12 datasheet: http://www.ahs-antriebstechnik.de/pdf-dateien-e/Servo Drives Servo Amplifier/Manual DSK12-gb.PDF (German version, for german friends out there: http://www.servodyntechnik.de/DSK_12_d.PDF) Help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Greetings, Steven
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