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  1. I Already changed the logic to reduce the quantity os rise and fall contacts, the problem persists Thank you, @Cara Bereck Levy!
  2. Sorry, i will explain better, Method used to download, is USB / Serial through a usb serial converter "trendNet" to a original serial rs232 cable; The software was developed 2 years ago, plc have the same year old, maybe 3year. We buy another one, a new v230 and i donwloaded the sabe application, and worked fine. The Crash Report "picture attached" is showed at every up or download, on old plc, but in a new there´s no problem. but on line monitoring working fine. Im the system administrator by my pc os, and visiologics too, I´ll attach the application's too. Thanks for your Help!! OMK-CONTROLE DE PINTURA_V4.vlp
  3. I have an error due to download or upload applications to an V230, anyone can help me?
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