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  1. Hi! I have a communication developed with v230, v350... With visiologic, And now i have to do the same applications but in Unilogic environment, but i'm experiencing some dificult by the new plataform and new tools, theese applicatins was maded to "send and receive" messages through Rs232, to send messages i already have "some sucess", but it's not working to receive msg, i need to receive and shows the value received at the hmi in a decimal format, visiologic com_ok_2019 - Copy.vlp RS232_SEND_PROTOCOL_MULTIPLE_WORKING_RS232 - Copy.ulpr If anyone could help me I aprecciate a lot.
  2. I Already changed the logic to reduce the quantity os rise and fall contacts, the problem persists Thank you, @Cara Bereck Levy!
  3. Sorry, i will explain better, Method used to download, is USB / Serial through a usb serial converter "trendNet" to a original serial rs232 cable; The software was developed 2 years ago, plc have the same year old, maybe 3year. We buy another one, a new v230 and i donwloaded the sabe application, and worked fine. The Crash Report "picture attached" is showed at every up or download, on old plc, but in a new there´s no problem. but on line monitoring working fine. Im the system administrator by my pc os, and visiologics too, I´ll attach the application's too. Thanks for your Help!! OMK-CONTROLE DE PINTURA_V4.vlp
  4. I have an error due to download or upload applications to an V230, anyone can help me?
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