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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone, I believe that the program was using TD 29 in a way that was 'clamping' it to 0 elsewhere since deleting every other occurrence solved the problem. I am having some problems with MI 999 not reaching the value that it should (because of the delay in resetting the timer(?) ) but I think I will use a check point strategy to detect when I have reached temp 2 vs setting a timer which would be less reliable due to laggy software.
  2. Hi Joe, I tried expanding the code into 3 nets a couple ways and none of them have worked yet.
  3. Given two temperatures and a time span, I want to create a timer that counts down to either add or subtract one from the current temperature (making a ramp). I am correctly setting TD 29 to this value (s/ 1 degree C), but the timer is never triggering the block of code. How can I fix this? Have you seen other solutions to a smooth temperature ramp?
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