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  1. I tryed with different values of linearization on analog input but with no luck. 

    I would like that when I have potentiometer in the middle on scale 5 analog output needs to be 0V. Now 0V is on scale 8. I have less rotation adjustment from 0V to 10V (scale 8 to 10). And I have more rotation adjustment from 0V to -10V (scale 8 to 0).

    Linearizarion is working ok only that 0V is not in the middle of the potentiometer.

  2. Another question about potentiometer.

    To regulate analog output +/- 10V Im useing potentiometer 4,7kOhm + resistor on analog input (4...20mA).

    Potentiometer scale is 0-10 (pic in attachment) and now I have problem that my 0V is on scale 8 and not 5.

    Is it possible to calibrate somehow that my 0V will be in the midle (scale 5) ?

    +/-10V is now working ok but my 0V is on scale 8 and I regulate 0..10V from scale 8...10 and 0V...-10V from scale 8-0.



  3. Here is my test program that its not finished yet, because I need to add function that cylinder automaticaly moves back to Home Switch when I release button.

    In my project I have proportional valve that needs +/-10V to drive it and I have 2 valves that has to work together.

    1. When I press and hold Button_1 first it has to activate Valve_1 and after some time (timer T0) it has to activate Valve_2 and proportional valve on speed MI 0.

    (Cylinder is moveing when proportional valve is acivated).

    1.1 This is written in the program in Part 1 and its working.

    2. When cylider activates End Switch it has to move back automaticaly until he activates Home Switch:

    -  Button_1 is not pressed

    - Valve_1 is activated

    - Delay activated Valve_2 and Proportional valve on speed MI 2

    2.1 This I have to add in the program Part 2 :/



  4. Hi to all again.

    I have one question about ladder program that attached me @Flex727.

    I have only one button and two end switches. I have on hydraulic cylinder to move down manualy and up automaticaly.

    When I hold button I need setted output from MI 0 to move cylinder to the end position.

    And when cylinder activates end switch 1 then I need output from MI 2 to move cylinder automaticaly  in zero position.

    And when he reaches zero position he activates end switch 2 and he stops.


    Is it possible to do that?

    I know how to do it with digital outputs Reset and Set, but with analog outputs no :unsure:



  5. Hi,

    I made simple program to control analog outuput +/- 10V by display.

    A have two buttons 1 and 2. And if I press button 1 a get analog output +0...10V and if I press button 2 then I get 0 ... -10V (what I set before on display).

    Now I have problem if i press button I get setted output but when I release it I still have it.

    Now I need that when I hold the button 1 or 2 I get signal from analog output and when I release it, it has to be 0.

    I used Store direct function. Is it possble to do that?

    I dont need linearization for this project.


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