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  1. Don't confuse the physical com port assignment for the PLC with the com port you are using in VisiLogic for connection. They are unrelated. On your PC, you need to go into Device Manager and confirm which com port was assigned by the driver and use that in VisiLogic.
  2. Make sure you are using the correct COM Port in the VisiLogic menu Connection / Communication & OS...
  3. Just to clarify, this forum is primarily for people looking to hire a programmer for a specific project. If you are just looking for some help to get past a specific problem, then post in one of the other forums on this site based on the PLC you are using. If you ARE looking to hire, then some details might be helpful, such as your location, what PLC you would prefer to use, and any other hardware details that might be appropriate. I think there are several experts on this forum that would be available for hire if the project is of interest to them.
  4. First thing I would check is to make sure the phone and PLC are on the same subnet. Likely your phone is connected via wi-fi and routers tend to hand out IP addresses to wi-fi on a different subnet than on the wired output.
  5. Always good advice from Ausman. I have another point to add - avoid conditional subroutine calls if at all possible! They are frequently a programmer's undoing. They leave coils hanging in limbo, and as Ausman is pointing out here, you may not end up completing the task.
  6. I can't imagine that the PLC would have any idea what the source of the Ethernet signal is and I don't see any way that there would be an effect on it. However, if you're not careful UniLogic can change certain communication parameters during download which could disrupt future communications.
  7. No, there is not, but you can look at the file name for the .vlp file loaded in the PLC in INFO Mode and compare it to the file name of the program you were given. That may help you some.
  8. One method is to "Port Forward" ports 3335 (for going online with the PLC), port 22 (for downloading from UniLogic) and port 8001 to the IP address of the PLC.
  9. If there is no way to set Port 2 to RS 485 (and I believe this to be the case for the V280, at least in the case for Leyke_1970), then obtain a V200-19-RS4, pop the back off, remove the knockout for Port 3, and insert the module. It should be easy-peasy.
  10. I'm questioning that portion of the document. I think it may apply to the V290 only and not the V280. Unfortunately I only have a V290 here in my office and can't confirm on a V280. @Leyke_1970, please report back what you find.
  11. Yes, this looks to be the case. The two serial ports on the V280 are both RS232 and non-configurable. You can install the V200-19-RS4 module to add a configurable serial port for RS485. That module is very inexpensive.
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