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  1. Yes, and example projects that came with your VisiLogic installation, and webinars on YouTube. They are quite good.
  2. Just place a Numeric variable on the HMI screen and check the box for Keypad Entry.
  3. Is this what you're looking for? You can just right-click on your positive transition contact for I 5, select Replace Ladder Element, and select negative transition.
  4. If both the analog input and the analog output are 4-20mA and have the same bit resolution (check datasheets for the I/O modules), then simply perform a "Store" function from the integer assigned to the input to the integer assigned to the output. If there are any differences between the input and output (type of input or output, bit resolution, etc) then perform a Linearization function between the two.
  5. I think the only reason for this warning is that there are only a limited number of transition contacts available. This is, of course, due to the extra memory requirement for a transition contact (the PLC must "remember" the previous state) and that set aside memory is finite. As it is, there is enough memory for at least a couple hundred transition contacts (maybe 256? I don't remember) so the programmer would rarely run out (though I have in the past). If there is another reason to reduce transition contacts, I certainly would like to know. In the example I provided above with the self-
  6. Not sure exactly what you mean by "pulsing". Do you want the bit on for one scan or for one second? If one scan then use a Positive Transition contact of either the one sec System Frequency bit, or use a self-resetting TON timer for frequencies other than 1 sec. Here is an example of a self-resetting timer. Place anything you want to have happen on the single scan to the right of the positive transition contact in rung 2. This makes no sense to me, but if you want a pulse of one second duration, then you activate the TP timer with a transition contact and the Timer Out will b
  7. Do you consider this a bug, or just an implementation issue with UniLogic?
  8. Apparently without our help. How did you end up figuring it out? Nevertheless, THANK YOU for reporting back with the solution!
  9. Two things: In ladder rung 2 you are trying to activate a timer coil with SB 2. That won't work. A Delay Timer (TD) requires power flow to keep it activated for the full 2 seconds. Further, you are attempting to place two separate logic threads into a single ladder rung. Don't do that. You also need your timer to be self-resetting, or it will only activate once. I would also place a contact in front so you can turn your reading on and off. Your code for rung 2 should look something like this: Turn on MB 0 (or MB of your choice) to start reading every 2 seconds. Turn of
  10. Your MODBUS read function block has a read length of 64 (sorry, I had a typo of 65 in my answer). For start of Vector you have 0 (zero).
  11. Okay, I see another issue. You are reading 65 registers. When you place those registers into MI 1, you need to also have a vector of 65 registers (The values will go into MI 1 - MI 65). You seem to somehow be assuming all 65 registers will be stored in a single MI. You have other values that are stepping on that vector (such as MI 4 - Status Messages). And you are storing MI 3 into MI 10, which is also part of the vector you are reading from the weigher. One other thing, it appears you SET MB 3 to perform your MODBUS read. That's good, but you need to RESET it at the end of the MODBUS read fun
  12. You need to change all your SB 2 contacts to Direct Contacts, not Inverted Contacts. You are continuously initializing your configurations on every scan, except the first. It won't work that way. I didn't go any further than that. If it still doesn't work after you fix that then report back and we'll take another look.
  13. Let me repeat: They can be found at Help / Examples, then drill down to Projects / Communication, then look at the examples for MODBUS. They will be for PLCs other than your V1210, but the ladder logic is identical. You probably want your PLC to be the MODBUS Master, so look at those examples.
  14. It would be more helpful if you would attach your PLC program. Have you reviewed the example programs that came with your VisiLogic installation?
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