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  1. What do you mean by "reset"? If you mean erase the program that's in there, then downloading a new program will do that automatically.
  2. Think about what ladder logic is all about. It's a high level language where each ladder rung is intended to encompass a single line of code. It's not just a blank slate with some random lines drawn. Separate lines of code belong in separate ladder rungs. You tried to put 4 lines of code in a single ladder rung. Sometimes you can get away with it, but it's fraught with risk and is very poor form.
  3. If it's just a toggle button to turn a pump on or off, you don't need ANY ladder logic at all. Simply assign the output to a binary text switch and check the Toggle box.
  4. See above on where to find the info in the Help file. While you could certainly map the I/O directly to MBs in the program, it is not automatic. The Help file provides the addressing for the MODBUS Master to find the I/O coils. They would be addressed just like any other coils, just higher up in the address table. Being a MODBUS Slave is not sufficient to be able to read data from the PLC. You must have a SCAN_EX function block running in the program to scan for incoming MODBUS requests.
  5. The digital I/O on the expansion modules is numbered sequentially starting at I-32 for inputs and O-32 for Outputs. All the information you need to know is in the help file. Search on MODBUS Slave Addresses. Click on MODBUS,IP, then Slave Addressing. There you'll find the addresses for the different operands in the PLC, including the addresses for the I/O. You'll need access to the PLC program unless the program is already set up to be a MODBUS Slave.
  6. @Cara Bereck Levy, best as I can tell, this has not been done.
  7. It's a short comedy skit with IT folks repeating "Have you tried turning it off and back on again" over and over again to all of their support requests.
  8. Then you should be able to adjust the settings to allow you to connect over Ethernet. And yes, I have had that procedure solve the problem in the past.
  9. Try downloading a BLANK program, Initialize & Reset, check for touchscreen functionality, then download your program again.
  10. Moved to a more appropriate forum.
  11. @viscoelastic and @Joe Tauser - Thank you! All is good now. I was able to find the "InstallShield Installation Information" folder and deleting it solved my problem.
  12. Thanks, @viscoelastic. That folder does not appear to exist on my computer. I poked around a bit and did find an InstallShield folder elsewhere (under Common Files), but nothing seemed relevant to VisiLogic.
  13. I have a brand new Windows 10 desktop computer and cannot get VisiLogic to install. Here is the error message: Any idea what might be the problem? FYI, I have turned off UAC and attempted the install using "Run as Administrator".
  14. Apparently someone on this forum has good reading comprehension. It certainly isn't me!
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