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  1. Thanks again, It's great to know you can SMS direct to cell - I hope it works in my neck of the woods. I don't have an assortment of old phones available, so maybe I'll have an SMS function block project preloaded so I can use the Vision controller to reply, if it comes to that LOL. My SIM is a "Speedtalk" actually, on T-Mobile network, with 30 days unlimited texting, so that's a lot of time to debug.
  2. Thanks, jweav2223. Are these SMS messages that the Vision dials direct to generic user cell phones (no special SIM), or are these dialed to a magic server number and then forwarded by their (Aeris, etc) system? I went ahead and ordered the modem and a prepaid card (which I think is on the T-Mobile network; we'll see how it works in my region).
  3. I want my V570 to send machine status messages to users' cell phones via SMS. What kind SIM cards and plans are people using in the GSM modem to accomplish this??? After watching the SMS Webinar on YouTube, I came away with the solid impression I should get an M2M SIM (4:30 in the video). I went off in search of one, spending days talking to IoT providers like Twilio and Aeris, who all agree that M2M SIMS CANNOT send SMS to a cell phone without the intervention of servers, API scripts, and $1000/month base commitments. Oh yes, and their M2M SIM card in the target cell phone! So throwing up my hands, I came back to the video and saw Vision controllers sending SMS to cell phones, cell phones sending SMS to BRIDGES, fer crying out loud. So can someone please put me on the right track for what kind of SIM to put in the Cinterion EHS6T modem to do what is being done in the webinar? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Joe, I spoke to someone there and he redirected me to Twilio; still waiting for a reply there. Lots of companies want to handle millions of messages for $?k per month. They seem to struggle to comprehend the punicity (punyness?) of my application. If I run across a company that will handle 0-5 SMS for $5-20 a month, I'll post here for others.
  5. I too am trying to enable my V570 to send SMS alerts to technicians' phones. I would use the GSM-KIT-17J-3G (Cinterion EHS6T). I had selected a SIM provider (NEO/Aeris), only to learn that they only support SMS to another machine, not to mobile phone. Are there SIM / Service providers that support SMS to phone?
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