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  1. Does anyone know if the UniStream has a Windows based OS?
  2. I have an analog input issue I was hoping someone could help me out with. I am using module # UIDWCB1 which has two analog inputs. I have a two 4-20ma transducer (0-20,000PSI). I have setup analog input 0 and 1 as shown below. Analog input 1 seems to be running correct as I am receiving a value of 0 when no pressure is applied. However the pressure transducer in analog input 0 is not. The red LED turns on and indicates an overflow and I am seeing a reading of just over 20,000. At first I thought I had an issue with the one transducer but I have switched the transducers around and whichever one is in AI1 works correctly. Both transducers give the same value in AI0 and the red LED comes on instantly. I have fought with this for a couple hours now and cant seem to figure out why it works correctly in AI1 but not AI0. Has anyone ran into this problem before?
  3. Thanks Simon That makes perfect sense. I did notice the analog input configuration but left it as is when I was writing the program. I will remove the linearization blocks and set the To value to 10,000.
  4. Perfect, thanks for the help. I do need to display in time format so I am going to run a TA timer and display elapsed time. The timer will never need to be reset(unless the motor fails and needs to be changed out) so my plan was to preset to 99hrs 59min, 59 sec and increment an MI each time the timer expires and show that on the left of the timer display. The motor doesn't run everyday and when it does its only for an hour or two so this should be sufficient for quite awhile. Thanks again.
  5. I 'm looking to display motor run time on an HMI screen, basically create an hour meter. Is there an element in the toolbox that is setup for this type of function? I assume the timer box will be used to display the run time but didn't know if there was any other element already set up for this. All I want to do is accumulate time when the motor is running so that the user knows how much total time the motor has ran. I will of course need to retain this time when power is removed from the system. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks Joe, So if I understand correctly a 12ma signal will be converted to a value of 9830 which would equate to 5,000PSI which would be the result(F) value. What I am trying to achieve is to turn a motor off when a certain PSI is reached. 4250PSI in this case. Looking at other videos it looks like I need to use the store function and store the result value(F) into a Global Int16 Tag. I can then use this value and a compare function to enable/disable a bit and in turn, control my motor.
  7. Thanks Aus. The module I am using is the UIS-WCB1.
  8. I am new to Unitronics and have a simple question on the Linearization block. I have a 0-10,000 psi transducer that is sending a 4-20ma signal. I assume I input the values as shown below but do not have the transducers yet to verify. If someone could verify it would be greatly appreciated. X1=0 Y1=4 X2=10000 Y2=20
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