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  1. I checked what you indicated, but all was ok, and I still have the problem.... I added a ethernet port and I can see that the status messages is in "4". It´s is possible that the end resistor was the problem? Thanks for your Help!! Best Regards Mario
  2. Hello!, my name is Mario and I ask if someone can please help me with my problem. I try to control a Sinamics G120 with a V350 via modbus RTU, but I can´t do it! The connection of between the PLC and the V350 is: V350 (jumper set "RS485" - Jumper TERM: off) Port 1 - Pins: 1 and 6 Sinamics G120 X128: terminals 2 and 3 Configuration of the project: Sinamics G120 (Starter): V350 (Visilogic) I tried to change some parameters of the communication, but the problem never disappear (status message=5). If somebody can give me some
  3. Hello, could you load again the project? I try download but it doesn´t exists. Thank you Best regards Mario
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