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  1. Hello people! I need some help to do the follow in sinamics G120 via modbus: Read a Digital Input: I read parameter 40240 with a V350 (239 in unilogic) but always is in 0 Write a Digital Output: I write parameter 40220 with a V350 (219 in unilogic) but always is in 0 Read Analog input: I read parameter 40260 with a V350 (259 in unilogic) but always is in 0 The communication is ok because I can command the motor with parameter 40100 (writting 47F and 47E) and change the speed in parameter 40101. Thanks!! Best Regards Mario
  2. Hello, I can solve my problem setting the G120 parameteres like the information of the table (parameteres marked in yellow) Best regards! Mario
  3. Hello People! I solved the problem!!!! It was a mistake in the stw confiuration, I correct this with the values of the manual: Thank you for your help and time! If in the future I can help with something, please count on me! Best Regards Mario
  4. Hello! I try set the parameter 40003 ( number 2 in visilogic) but the communication state change to "5". Another question, the "big endian" formtat, used by Siemens, could be the origin of the problem? Thanks for your time and help! Best regards Mario
  5. Hi!, First of all, thanks for your time!. I respond your questions: 1) Is it speed and 8E1 (simens default) settings commisioned corectly in V350 com settings? The comunication it´s ok because I can write and read diffents parameters (I set 8 bits, Even and 1 stop bit) 2) Is it G120 setpoint channel sw. = Modbus, Control channel = Modbus? I can´t find the control channel parameter. 3) Is it G120 correctly commisioned and all self autotune done and all autotune settings written to the drive . Drive do not allow to net control before autotune done (default).
  6. Hello Joe, DIO es connected to a sensor, The signal is ok I try with DI0 in ´1´ or ´0´ but the result is the same, the inverter is stopped. All the inputs have the right connection and I chek if the signals are OK. All is ok, but the problem persist.... 😞
  7. Hello everybody! Please I need some help! I´m trying to command a G120 with a V350 via modbus (over Rs485 - two wires). The communication its ok, but I can´t change to Run status the inverter. The Starter display the following: My program is the following First: I write 0x47E in the parameter 40100 Seond: I write the Main Set point in the parameter 40101 Third: I write the command 0x47F in the parameter 40100 if someone can send me an example or give me some help, I will be very grateful!! Thanks a lot!! Mario
  8. I checked what you indicated, but all was ok, and I still have the problem.... I added a ethernet port and I can see that the status messages is in "4". It´s is possible that the end resistor was the problem? Thanks for your Help!! Best Regards Mario
  9. Hello!, my name is Mario and I ask if someone can please help me with my problem. I try to control a Sinamics G120 with a V350 via modbus RTU, but I can´t do it! The connection of between the PLC and the V350 is: V350 (jumper set "RS485" - Jumper TERM: off) Port 1 - Pins: 1 and 6 Sinamics G120 X128: terminals 2 and 3 Configuration of the project: Sinamics G120 (Starter): V350 (Visilogic) I tried to change some parameters of the communication, but the problem never disappear (status message=5). If somebody can give me some
  10. Hello, could you load again the project? I try download but it doesn´t exists. Thank you Best regards Mario
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