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  1. Hi Aus, If you mean the steps described by Reuven, yes I did those. If you say everything, are there other steps to take? I know it's difficult to check my program for faults, I would just like to understand what could cause this.. I have been going back and deleting steps in my program until nothing else but some simple steps rest, but the RTC will not work.. When I download another program the RTC work instantly. Very strange..
  2. Hi everyone, This my hardware info: Model V700-T20BJ / OS 4.4(19). I run a Visilogic V9.8.64 I still have a previous version of my program (without the thermostat function programmed) . When I run this version the RTC is working. The lay-out between this two version has changed quit a bit and I didn't save my versions in between, so this in not my last working version.. Here are the links to the two described programs. Working (old) program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cmsd76fnq4rxto/BIST27_PLC logica_v2.vlp?dl=0 Current (RTC problem) program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hnxcm6alv2sezmu/BIST27_PLC logica_v5.vlp?dl=0 Wim
  3. Hello, I'm currently experiencing the same RTC problem as described by Russ in 2014. I've tried the suggestions in this toppic but haven't found a solution. My situation is the following: I have a V700 that I programmed for a home automation application (lighting, temperature and ventialtion). I use the RTC function for a thermostat function. Everything worked fine until a made some changes in other parts of my program. And now my RTC clock stopped running. I have erased my changes but this did not have any effect. When downloading a blank project and initializing and resetting, the RTC clock function is restored. When I download my program again, the RTC clocks still doesn't work. I suspect there is something in my program preventing the RTC clock from running.. Does anyone have a suggestion?