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  1. Yes I do that and I test for long period and in the first 20-30 min the variation is big but after it is stable. Thank you very much Aleksandr
  2. Hi Kikis Thanks for your help. I try that and when Auto tune finish it change the Kp, Ti and Td, but when I start the pid loop the temperature rich more then set temperature. Does before I set SB101 I should start the PID Loop for example in my case MB0, Because I do that and after finishing the temperature variate -/+2'C? Aleksandar
  3. Hi Can someone help me with the same problem with autotune, I use JZ20-J-UA24 and I control temperature with SSR on transistor Digital Output. I try with SB109 and SB101 nothing happends. I also try with PID server it run 2,3 hour and also nothing. I also sending you the file of the program if you need it. Thanks Aleksandar Fantazija Pakerka20171116.U90
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