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  1. Hi, I also use Unitronics and Samson devices. In some cases for SAMSON devices you need a current loop converter. I use MCR-C-I-I-00-DC (281408 form Phoenix contact). That works fine. Technically theese Samson devices need 5V for the internal electronics (above 10 mA they work with Unitronics...). So they have as AlexUT wrote dinamycal Impedance. Peter
  2. Works, Thanks. The system description of SB109 was confusing me: "Select PID with auto-tunne (M91 only)"
  3. I'am testing a JZ10-11-UA24 and PID. Actually I do not know how to auto-tunne the PID. The PID server (9.0.0.) can not communicate with Jazz, if I turn ot the SB101 happens nothing.
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