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  1. Hi, I also use Unitronics and Samson devices. In some cases for SAMSON devices you need a current loop converter. I use MCR-C-I-I-00-DC (281408 form Phoenix contact). That works fine. Technically theese Samson devices need 5V for the internal electronics (above 10 mA they work with Unitronics...). So they have as AlexUT wrote dinamycal Impedance. Peter
  2. Hi! First: if you want to send the message once per sec it is ok. Alternativaely you can use SB13 (is in on at the rising edge on SB3). OR if you have to do it not once a second, you can use a timer. See attached. I use for the keepalive interval about 33% of the timeout of the slave "device". Second: try the fuction numerics to bits (you can find it in the "vector" menu.). See the help for details. Peter
  3. Hi, Tamas! You can translate the "default texts":(the string library 1 can't be translated but all others can be. So the solution: 1; in your ladder place a "Set.Str.lib" (found in strings- set strings library), select library 2. (triggered by SB2, to run it at power up). 2;translate the texts in library2 (if you already have strings in library 1 you can export them and import as library 2). If you need spezial hungarian characters like "éá.." you can also modify the font type to a font where the spec .sharacters are enabled. 3; the alarm HMI screens will be in your language. BR,Peter
  4. Now it works fine! Remote operator 1.0.38. +updated os to PLC (got from the support). OS:V3.7 (32) Thanks, Peter
  5. Hi, Try out remote oprerator.(do not forget to create the .urc files -Project-create project files - HMI displays)
  6. Hi, Visilogic (9.5.0)-rmote access: old alarm display. Navigating to "alarms in group" :Run Time Error 9: subsript out of range Peter
  7. HI, I have trouble with remote operator PLC: V1210 OS:3.7 (00) REmote operator: If I navigate to the alarm screen on. on the remote operator i See the "old" small alarm schreen. If i navigate to "Alarms in group" screen I get error message in Remote operator. (Source array was not long enough. Check schIndex and length, and the array's lows bounds) Pls. check and help me! Thanks, Peter
  8. Today I'we faced the same problem (V9.3.0) . I think the main point is,that I can not select V290 in the HW screen. (only v530/v290). The Visilogic SW selects V530 HMI, and not the V290. If I open an old V290 Project and modify it: works (I see V290 HMI), and the downloaded project looks good. Nice solution would be to enable selecting V290 on the HW screen.
  9. Works, Thanks. The system description of SB109 was confusing me: "Select PID with auto-tunne (M91 only)"
  10. I'am testing a JZ10-11-UA24 and PID. Actually I do not know how to auto-tunne the PID. The PID server (9.0.0.) can not communicate with Jazz, if I turn ot the SB101 happens nothing.
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