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  1. So this morning we checked SB168, it was not turned on. The tech changed that in the program and as of now it has not hung up with the "Remote Connection". I am also passing the other info to him and we will take this 1 step at a time. Thanks again for the quick replies and suggestions Drew M
  2. Thank you for the quick reply, Ausman, we are checking into that right now and will advise on what we find.
  3. I am new to Unitronics and this forum, I am not a programmer, so I will try to explain my issue to the best of my abilities. I work in a woodworking facility and we have quite a few machines with many different brands of PLC's. Like I said I in no means do any programming but I have worked with them enough that I am comfortable with downloading the "program" to open up and look at and sometimes change some values within the program, only after it is deemed necessary and I have the green light from whoever did the programming. The issue I am having is pertaining to a PLC being used in an Outdoor Wood Boiler that we use to heat our building with. We are using a Unitronics V350-JS-TA24 PLC. So the Boiler was built and shipped to us from 6-8 hours away, we did the install of the boiler, ran a CAT6 line to the PLC which is connected to our server internally, and then had the tech login remotely and finish up all communication settings. From the start we had some issues with sending out email alerts if there were any sensor faults. We put the email issue on the back burner and decided to use the remote access app, that way we could see what was actually happening with my Boiler system. I downloaded the app for the owner here at the company I work for and also for myself, I had all the params setup to remotely view. I was able to use the remote app without any issues for a couple days and then all of a sudden I wouldn't be able to access the PLC, This has gone on for a couple weeks, we have tried to recreate the scenario and cannot do that. It seems to be completely random, as far as day, time, or usage of app. When I do have the connection issue if I go out and check the PLC, I go to "Network Status" page, it still shows the "Remote Connection" like it is still connected and clearly no one is connected. In order to clear the "Remote Connection", I need to cycle power, as soon as I do that I can connect again with no issues. My tech that set up the PLC keeps telling me its a firewall issue and my IT guy keeps telling me that its not a firewall issue. I have had both guys working on this remotely at the same time to try to figure out the issue and neither is able to resolve. When I am here during the day it is not a big issue but I live 20 minutes from work and I am usually making a trip to cycle power a couple times a week , whether its in the evening or on the weekend.
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