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  1. I have just learned that I can do a Broadcast in UniCAN to all controllers on the network, brilliant! The only downside is I am going to have to spend a load of time learning how UniCAN works..................
  2. The only built in serial is the mini USB for programming Also in the Samba 7 technical spec : Notes: 6. The user may order and install one or both of the following modules: - A serial RS232/RS485 isolated/non-isolated interface module, or an Ethernet Interface module in port 2. - A CANbus module modules documentation is available on the Unitronics website. So I have Ethernet modules and CANbus modules available for the Sambas, and the Vision is delivered with it built in !
  3. https://unitronicsplc.com/samba-series-samba7/#1449515771593-63d974b6-05ac1451602511853 On the communications tab at the bottom, and also the local salesman told me It is a bit misleading, but it it is 1 Serial OR Ethernet and CANbus
  4. Ethernet and UniCan is OK, I can not do RS485 or 232 and Ethernet at the same time Still reading the UniCAN docs on the Unitronics site at the moment
  5. I have been looking through the online documentation for CANbus and UniCAN. Looks promising
  6. I did, and decided on TCP/IP because it is faster. Oh the irony ! I could still buy 10 serial ports for the Sambas I suppose, but that would cost me half the price of the Unistream, plus I have already pulled all the Cat6 and I would lose the ethernet port. On the other hand I also have CANbus cards for the Sambas in stock as I was planning on using them for something else, and then changed my mind. Could I use CANbus between the Vision and the Sambas?
  7. Thanks for the advice Flex, much appreciated. One last question, could this have been avoided if I used a different communications protocol and the subsequent choice of an Ethernet network between the Sambas and the Vision/Unistream?
  8. Hmmm. I had not taken into consideration the time to connect and disconnect, although it is quite speedy on the test units I have. The only problem with the relay idea is that if (for example) Samba 2 is switched off for maintenance then the message will not be passed along. I have already purchased all the hardware, but considering the above I will get a quote for a Unistream tomorrow. That seems to be the only way of doing this without a complete rethink unless you have any other ideas?
  9. Hello Flex, thanks for the rapid answer. I will try to be clearer. Each Samba / vehicle pair are stand alone and do not communicate with any other pair. A simple master/slave setup using a single port Occasionally, I want the vision to be able to read or write to one / several / all of the Sambas e.g. send a start or stop signal to all of them at the same time (or in very rapid sequence) If I set up one socket on the Samba as a master, and a second socket slaved to the Vision, I should be able to achieve this. The vision can then be programmed to address messages to each samba in sequence. Or at least that's what I was planning
  10. So let me see if I have understood the above correctly : I can set up master socket and a slave socket that will function in parallel? In effect I will have a master/slave hybrid? I am building a system with 10 Samba SM70-J-R20's each of which have a slaved autonomous vehicle with additional onboard I/O. I am using Modbus TCP/IP for communications over wifi. So far so good. I also have a Vision 1210 which will act as a "god" and can take over and control the vehicle by writing bits directly to the Samba, and the Samba then does its thing. Please see attached one line diagram I have been wondering how I was going to deal with three layers, "Master-Master", Master and Slave, if I have understood correctly then I can set up the Samba as a hybrid and the system should work. I would be grateful for confirmation that this will, or will not, work before I sit down and start playing in Visilogic. Thanks in advance
  11. Is there a way of setting up a goto equivalent? For example using a compare, if a>=b then goto xxxx, leaving out the rungs in between which would be evaluated if a<b I am still having endless problems with the compare. It happens in both main routine and subroutine, and only on one particular thing, stopping a motor, which is kind of important ..... I am using other compares and they are fine
  12. I checked everything, and subroutines are being called. Strangely I did some other work and decided to do a download all and burn, and they work again. I am still trying to track down the reason why the coils show true and the compare is false.
  13. Hi everyone, I am having the same problem as the OP here, however it seems to be intermittent In a subroutine I am using a >= compare (rung 5 in the photo). The output is a direct coil. The contact is in the main routine is a positive transition. When the criteria are met, the online test shows red passing through and sometimes the coil works and sometimes it doesn't. I deleted the coil and the contact, created new ones with a new MB and the problem remains. In the same subroutine I have three compares in three consecutive rungs, the first two work fine, it is only the last one that bugs BTW it is also the last line of the subroutine, could this cause a problem? I am using a Samba SM70-J-R20 and Visilogic 9.8.65 Any thoughts or tips will be greatly appreciated.
  14. That won't work then. I am going to have to rethink the whole setup
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