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  1. Many thanks to Kratmel for finding the mistake in my setup, communications now working!
  2. I did a test program to try and work this all out. Very frustrating. I have tried using the addresses I found with CAS Modbus Scanner (shown in previous post), in both decimal and hex. I have not been able to read or write anything at all to the device with Visilogic. I then realised that every time I tried to send a message, the status operand was giving me 4 for each attempted send, than going to 5 when finished. This leads me to believe that the communications are the first problem to solve. I have looked at the examples, but can not see anything different to what I am doing.
  3. Hi Guys, thanks for the pointers. In case this may help anyone else with similar newbie problems, here is what I have done so far. One of the things I noted while reading through the forum was to always use Modbus testers before trying put together a program. I had a hunt around, tried various freebies, and so far I have discovered a few things about the device, which as Ausman correctly guessed comes from Asia. http://www.hi-flying.com/hf6208 Using Modbus Poll Test Center, I managed to turn on and off the output relays by copy pasting the various instructions from the manual
  4. So I got hold of a remote I/O which a would like to control over TCP with Visilogic (Samba 7), however I can not make head nor tail of the register table. Could anyone give me some pointers as to how to read this type of table please, or give me a link to a tutorial. I have looked, but without luck so far. Thanks
  5. A belated thank you guys, its been very busy despite Christmas breaks, lock-downs etc. Will definitely give both a try. Cheers!
  6. Good morning everyone, I have set up a calibration sequence where the operator needs to input data in a particular order. I would like to automatically call for a keypad to appear on the screen when a condition is met, the operator inputs the measurement, and when he presses enter, the sequence will continue until the next call for a keypad. Unfortunately I have not found the secret to call the keypad. Any pointers welcome Samba 7
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. I have previously done some warning screens which are perfectly adequate, but not particularly aesthetic. I had not thought of faking the background, I will try that. @Joe TauserI really like your workaround. I will definitely give it a try as well, thank you.
  8. On a Samba 7" is there a way to create a simple pop up message without changing screens? I need to warn the operator before proceeding. I had a browse but did not find anything, any pointer appreciated Cheers
  9. I have already purchased a Vision which will act as controller over an Ethernet network and will allow remote access, but have not yet finished the application. I will add an SD card. I have set up a table in each samba, after 15 minutes inactivity the screen turns off (backlighting off, black screen loads) and i tacked on the save to table after this. It works perfectly and is not chewing up resources. I also suspect a grounding / EMI issue as I sometimes have erratic reading from the encoders.
  10. An installation I did in 2018 had a city wide power outage recently, and 8 out of 10 Sambas had to be reinitialised in order to restart. They got stuck on the splash logo. I have since updated the OS, loaded a newer version of the application and everything is fine. However I want to know how the users are using the system, and I do not want to lose that data through a potential future initialisation. My question was to learn if there is a more elegant method of saving this type of incrementing data without using tables. I make certain assumptions : batteries will go flat, pow
  11. Thanks Kratmel, I shall do exactly that, I was just wondering if there was another way?
  12. Hi all, I want to set up a counter that will record the number of times various buttons are pressed on a Samba 7". In itself not a problem, but I want the result to be safe from initialisation. I thought about doing a data table but it seems a bit long winded. Is there a method I can use where the result from an incrementing counter can be saved permanently? I have had a good browse around the forum, but am probably using the wrong search phrases. Any pointers or advice will be appreciated
  13. I have just learned that I can do a Broadcast in UniCAN to all controllers on the network, brilliant! The only downside is I am going to have to spend a load of time learning how UniCAN works..................
  14. The only built in serial is the mini USB for programming Also in the Samba 7 technical spec : Notes: 6. The user may order and install one or both of the following modules: - A serial RS232/RS485 isolated/non-isolated interface module, or an Ethernet Interface module in port 2. - A CANbus module modules documentation is available on the Unitronics website. So I have Ethernet modules and CANbus modules available for the Sambas, and the Vision is delivered with it built in !
  15. https://unitronicsplc.com/samba-series-samba7/#1449515771593-63d974b6-05ac1451602511853 On the communications tab at the bottom, and also the local salesman told me It is a bit misleading, but it it is 1 Serial OR Ethernet and CANbus
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