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  1. Does anyone know if any particular Unitronics products are certified for marine applications? Lloyds, Bureau Veritas, RINA etc etc.
  2. Morning all, @Ausman Thanks for the Ascii table, it was very helpful. What I have done is created a setup screen which appears on power up only when no lane number has been assigned, i.e. the relevant MI = 0. Once a lane number has been assigned to that MI, all other required information is pulled from the Datatables. The idea is that the PLC can be shipped without a lane number, the person installing simply has to switch on and set the lane once. If for any reason the MI gets zeroed, I have put in a passworded, hidden button on the admin screen. The 'Set PLC Name' is
  3. Thanks guys, I understand most of it now. First of all I was trying to put a single character in each MI rather than 2, and in Decimal not in Hex, and to be honest I would never have thought of doing it in reverse. @Ausman I need to be able to name the PLCs Lane_1 to Lane_99. The lane number is input on a setup screen, and the PLC then gets it's name, IP etc from various tables. On my test screen the name now comes up perfectly, but the PLC Name block is not loading the vector on power up. Does the PLC load power-up operand values before / during / after SB 2 cycle?
  4. Hi Ausman, MB0 is set by SB2 in the first rung and resets after all start up rungs have completed. Everything works except the PLC Name. If I use the direct string option everything is fine, so I do not believe the problem stems from there. I do not understand "Try along the lines illustrated by MI230 being 24908 (H-614C)" Could you explain a bit more please. Cheers Patrick
  5. Good morning all, I want to set the PLC name using the Indirect : Vector option I have set up the vector as shown in the screen shot and the operands are all in place But when I power up there is nothing in the PLC NAME block I tried a test screen, and it only reads the first letter, i.e. capital L I have obviously missed / misunderstood something. Any guidance would be appreciated Cheers, Patrick
  6. Thank you @Flex727 that worked perfectly! The bonus being I can now display other timers in the same sequence, in the same spot, by using the same operands.
  7. Good morning everyone, Is it possible to edit the display format (or add a new one) in in a Timer Variable? I want to display time remaining on the screen in seconds and 1/10 second as displaying 1/100 flickers. Cheers
  8. Many thanks to Kratmel for finding the mistake in my setup, communications now working!
  9. I did a test program to try and work this all out. Very frustrating. I have tried using the addresses I found with CAS Modbus Scanner (shown in previous post), in both decimal and hex. I have not been able to read or write anything at all to the device with Visilogic. I then realised that every time I tried to send a message, the status operand was giving me 4 for each attempted send, than going to 5 when finished. This leads me to believe that the communications are the first problem to solve. I have looked at the examples, but can not see anything different to what I am doing.
  10. Hi Guys, thanks for the pointers. In case this may help anyone else with similar newbie problems, here is what I have done so far. One of the things I noted while reading through the forum was to always use Modbus testers before trying put together a program. I had a hunt around, tried various freebies, and so far I have discovered a few things about the device, which as Ausman correctly guessed comes from Asia. http://www.hi-flying.com/hf6208 Using Modbus Poll Test Center, I managed to turn on and off the output relays by copy pasting the various instructions from the manual
  11. So I got hold of a remote I/O which a would like to control over TCP with Visilogic (Samba 7), however I can not make head nor tail of the register table. Could anyone give me some pointers as to how to read this type of table please, or give me a link to a tutorial. I have looked, but without luck so far. Thanks
  12. A belated thank you guys, its been very busy despite Christmas breaks, lock-downs etc. Will definitely give both a try. Cheers!
  13. Good morning everyone, I have set up a calibration sequence where the operator needs to input data in a particular order. I would like to automatically call for a keypad to appear on the screen when a condition is met, the operator inputs the measurement, and when he presses enter, the sequence will continue until the next call for a keypad. Unfortunately I have not found the secret to call the keypad. Any pointers welcome Samba 7
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone. I have previously done some warning screens which are perfectly adequate, but not particularly aesthetic. I had not thought of faking the background, I will try that. @Joe TauserI really like your workaround. I will definitely give it a try as well, thank you.
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