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  1. I was not supplying 24V DC to the CANbus wiring, so I have fixed that. Thank you Denis. I also did have the switches inverted because of how I read the documentation drawings. It is now correctly set to ID 2. Thank you Joe. I am now able to communicate with the EX-RC1! Moving forward for programming the EX-RC1 to work with the V570, since I want to use the IO-DI16 and IO-RO16, can I just change the HW configuration in the sample EX-RC1 file to those modules and then create a program for the V570? Thank you both for all of your help.
  2. Yes, I do get to that pop-up window. When I set the Unit ID to '1 (CANbus)' and I click the Get OPLC Information, the V570 information shows up as it should. However, when I change the unit id to 2, I get the pop-up window with the list of errors for CANbus. I do have the DIP switches on the EX-RC1 set to 2. I am not sure why it is not able to establish a connection.
  3. Hi Joe, Yes, I have realized this. I have made more strides in becoming more familiar with the V570 and EX-RC1. My current problem not is a problem with communication with the EX-RC1. Before attempting to download the EX-RC1.vlp I attempt to check the connection and get errors. I have the EX-RC1 connected with a CANbus cord between the V570 and EX-RC1 with the EX-RC1 set to 2 on the dip switches. So when changing the communication through the USB cord to UniCAN channel 2, this is where I am receiving the errors. Can I program the EX-RC1 through the V570 with a cord between the 'PRG' port on the EX-RC1 to either Port 1, Port 2, or the I/O expansion port on the V570? Also while still downloading from my PC to the V570. Thanks, Greg
  4. Hey all, I am new to Visilogic and I am trying to follow through tutorials. I am currently trying to interface a single EX-RC1 via CANBus to a V570. On the EX-RC1 I have a IO-DI16 and IO-RO16. I have tried to download the sample Visilogic programs to the PLC, however, I am not entirely sure if I am doing it correctly. I have flashed the V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1.vlp on the V570 successfully, however, the screen shows "COMM ERROR UNIT #2". When I tried to download the EX-RC1.vlp to the PLC it says "The PLC model selected in this project's Hardware Configuration conflicts with the model with which you are communicating." I am programming through the USB cord to the V570 with a baud rate of 115200. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Greg